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      by Published on 04-05-2013 12:04 PM

      Deathrun - Much like CSS deathrun
      Prop Hunt - be a prop and hide
      Zombie mod - Puts a team of survivors against an endless onslaught of zombies.
      Assassination - Team deathmatch; the assassin must eliminate the target to gain points for his team.
      Boss Battles - One guy against the rest of the server, the one guy has loads of health!

      These are the choices here is the thread http://totalpunishmentgaming.com/sho...ll-ends-Sunday! Make sure you go vote before sunday.
      by Published on 04-04-2013 10:16 PM

      Attention there are a few spoilers regarding the new vigors if you don't want to hear about them or a little bit about Elizabeth's powers don't read!

      So this new game came out which I am sure everyone and their mother has heard about "Bioshock Infinite". Holy shit is this game amazing. I have been telling every person that has asked me about the game thus far to buy it and nothing more. This game is just so hard to put into words. Many people argue that the graphics in this game aren't good enough, to that I say "poppycock". They are amazing as amazing gets. They set the mood just right for this game. The graphics I think are meant to be a bit scratchy because of bioshocks past and current.

      I forgot just how gory "Bioshock" really is. Right from the very first fight there will be blood everywhere. The melee finishing animations remind me of mortal with how brutal they really are. Taking some guys face and just ramming it into a motorized skyhook and watching blood go everywhere is fun! Also the physics in this game are amazing! Crazy acrobatics on the sky hooks will have you in one area just screwing around for hours. I spent a good hour at least just playing on the sky hooks and freight hooks because the jumps are incredible.
      by Published on 03-28-2013 09:29 PM

      Base Building Full Features List:

      • Ability to build 30+ Arma 2/OA Objects in DayZ and create your ultimate base with your friends
      • Buildable Recipe Menu with pictures and Information
      • Gate Panels with Keypad access to open and close gates
      • Buildable Booby Traps that blow up in 10 meter proximity, crawl to avoid!
      • Custom disarm bomb action, with chance to fail based on not having toolbox/entrench tool
      • AntiWall feature that doesnt allow players to exit out of vehicles into player made bases.
      • Custom buildable removal function with chance to lose toolbox
      • Detailed parameters allowing server owners to dictate where things can be built, if they are invincible, etc etc.
      • Integrated into DayZ code
      • Server restart compatible
      • Virtually compatible with any DayZ map.
      • Server side Update object feature to allow active player bases to stay updated for cleanup script.


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