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      by Published on 04-13-2017 09:10 PM

      The Exile Server has been up for a couple of days now and we have been getting randoms popping their head in and out. ive been doing everything i can to get players to stay, and i managed to win the hearts of a few here and there. however the weekend is coming up and it will be a good time to get a good amount of new players to look into the server. my goal is to appeal to those who are searching for a decent population.

      If any of you guys who own Arma 3 wouldn't mind check out Exile this weekend, you presence would be much appreciated! Even if your goal it try it out and see if your into it, hopefully just having you on will be able to bring in players who will call our server home. I have been giving out bonuses to players for the first few weeks, so make sure you ask me for it when you get on. You can join the server through the A3Launcher and it will take care of the mods for you. Search either the server IP or the name and we should pop up at the top.

      ]TPG[ TotalPunishmentGaming EXILE (NEW SERVER, GET A FIRST PLAYERS BONUS)|10K START|Revive|Respect Loadouts|CBA|EnhancedMovement|CUP|OCP|NIArmns|RHSU SAF|RHSAFRF|TRYK
      Server IP:
      by Published on 04-09-2017 11:10 AM

      What is ]TPG[ Community Night?
      It's a night where Members, Regulars and really ANYONE can join in on some gaming fun! We play games like Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes, or Cards Against Humanity, or Tabletop Simulator, or Rust, or whatever else people want to play and then stream everyone having a good time. Anyone can suggest a game to play for one of our Community Nights, just keep in mind that it should be something relatively cheap or a game a majority of players might already have, so we can have as many people join the fun as possible. Also, make sure it's not a game we need to set up servers or need to download huge mods for.

      How'd you come up with this?
      This was inspired by our game of Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes that Victorian Fury, Toma, JDX, Whitenun and myself played on 3/25/16 and it was a lot of fun! We already do Regs Nights which are only for Members and Regulars, but those tend to be hard to plan and take time to set up because we usually lock down one of our own servers and find new mods to play. Community Nights can be more spontaneous and hopefully more flexible with planning.

      Can I watch the game being played if I'm unable to attend?
      Absolutely! We will be streaming these events to our Twitch channel (linked below) and later uploading the videos to our YouTube channel (linked below) also.

      Is there anything else I should know?
      If you choose to join us, we do still enforce our rules during this event, which means NO RACISM is allowed while participating (even if we ARE playing a terrible game like Cards Against Humanity), and just generally remember to have a good time. While playing, everyone will be in our Discord, which you can join at https://discord.gg/j54s2TG. And, again, these events will be streamed, so if you don't want people hearing something, it's probably best to filter yourself.

      Click HERE for the original post that includes a chart at the bottom, which will be regularly updated with the upcoming Community Night information,
      and links to all of the games we have played and plan to play. Our Twitter (seen to the left) will also be regularly updated with Community Night information and you can follow us HERE!

      Twitch Channel: https://www.twitch.tv/totalpunishmentgaming/profile

      YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJ1Dd9uv2GUi8eqSKWns8FQ

      Up Coming ]TPG[ Community Night Information

      Game: TBD
      Date: TBD
      Time: TBD
      Streaming? Yes - Twitch.tv
      Number of People Needed: At least 5.
      Who Can Join?
      Regulars and Members welcome! You can even invite friends you think would enjoy the game and get along with everyone.
      by Published on 02-03-2017 12:47 PM

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