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      by Published on 05-21-2016 04:26 PM
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      We've gone ahead and added the extended base building mod.

      The buildables require new loot that has been added to the tables for industrial, vehicle, and factory. These are somewhat ...
      by Published on 05-21-2016 10:21 AM

      Today we would like to show you a new mini-game in the safe zone: Russian Roulette.
      You can play it with up to six players at once. To join the game, go to a "trader" to buy you in. The amount of pop tabs required to join a game can be configured by the server owner and is collected in a pot, that the winner then gets as a prize. Every player gets a revolver with only one bullet. The magazine is then shuffled, so you never know when it will fire.
      This is highly work in progress, but we would like to show it to you already:

      by Published on 05-21-2016 10:20 AM

      The much anticipated clan system is finished! We will be referring to them as "Families" in keeping with the Mafia story. You will now get the option to "Create a family" at the office trader. The registration fee is configurable in the mission file under CfgClans.

      Once you have created a Family you will be able to manage your Family in the XM8. In the Family app you can see who is currently in the Family and who is the leader/"Papa" of the clan. Only the Papa can kick/add members to the Family. If the Papa is the only member of the clan he/she will get the option to Disband the clan. If there are other members he/she will get the option to leave. If a Papa leaves a clan a random Family member will become the new Papa. The Papa will get the option to invite new members to the family in the 8G Network.

      Families provide you with a few specific benefits. First, the first member of a Family that joins a server is put into a party. Any member that joins after will automatically be put into this party. You can leave this original party and make/join a different party if you choose. All Family members not in the party will display on the map in red. Second, you can create persistent map markers. These are saved to the database and visible by all clan members. There are two types of markers: text/icon or polygon. To create either marker you need to right-click quickly on the map. If you right-click slowly you will drag the map as is the normal behavior in ArmA.
      Creating icon/text markers are very simple. To delete them you need to right-click the icon/text and press remove.

      Polygon markers can be a little more tricky. You need to make sure that you close the polygon and that you use less than 10 lines. If your polygon lines do not connect you will see that the Linked field is red. If you have created a complete polygon the Linked field will turn green. (See pictures below.) To delete a polygon you need to click inside of it and then press the remove button.

      Also, the Bounty system has been scrapped. After months of discussion we came to the decision that there were too many ways the system could be abused.


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