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      What have you been playing?!

      Well I dont get to play very oftencuas ei dont have a job any more and my dad realy doesnt let my have my computer so when I do get it it usaly early

      koponsnipes Yesterday, 09:22 PM Go to last post

      What have you been playing?!

      When do you play? We normally play around 8pm-12am EST on weekdays.

      Shady89 Yesterday, 09:21 PM Go to last post

      What have you been playing?!

      Yes I can never get into a comp maych so I cant rank up and if I do get in I get a bunch of scrubs and we loose

      koponsnipes Yesterday, 09:20 PM Go to last post

      What have you been playing?!

      I think I only will ever play with ppl in CSGO if its ranked :/

      Surikizu Yesterday, 09:18 PM Go to last post

      What have you been playing?!

      Iv been playing some cs go but i got no one to play with cuase of the times I play

      koponsnipes Yesterday, 08:49 PM Go to last post
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      by Published on 06-12-2014 09:08 PM

      What is Warframe?
      • Warframe is an online game centered around cooperation. You play as a Warframe, a suit designed around a Tenno who has gone through the Void and returned alive. Each Warframe is has its own abilities, strengths, weaknesses, and play style.

      What can I expect from the gameplay?
      • Warframe is a fast paced, action oriented game. Missions range from Defense and Survival where mass murder of the enemy is expected to the slightly slower Exterminations, Spy, and Deception.

      Is this a "Hardcore" game or can I just play casually?
      • Warframe can be a casual game or a hardcore, "Play until your eyes bleed", kind of game. The more casual you play, the longer it will take to get new weapons and Frames.

      Alright, you've caught my attention. How much is this game going to run me?
      • Nothing! Warframe is 100% free.

      So it's F2P. Does that mean it's Pay2Win too?
      • Absolutely not. Warframe uses an in-game premium currency called Platinum. You can get everything through play save for a few cosmetics and more weapon and Warframe slots. Though there is player trading and you can earn all your Platinum to buy these things through this method.

      Ok, so I downloaded it. Now what?
      • Load it up and create an account. (Yes you use a separate account than your Steam account). Follow the tutorial and choose your Warframe. My suggestion is to choose either Excalibur or Mag (Excalibur is probably a better choice since he's the most balanced starter.) Loki is a good frame but not really suited to new players just coming in. Begin with the mission "Terminus" on Mercury. By doing missions you will begin unlocking more of the star map.

      What are some basics I should know?
      • Don't get rid of your starter weapons right away. Yea I know you saw that shiny shotgun in the market but trust me, you want to keep that stuff for now. All weapons and Frames gain experience. Each level gives you more Mastery (your profiles experience) Weapons and Frames cap out at level 30. Keep your stuff till then.
      • Speaking of levels, each level on a Frame or weapon increases its mod capacity. Putting mods on your weapon makes it better.
      • Use your starting Platinum to buy Weapon slots and Warframe slots. That Platinum is untradeable and those things are only obtainable with Platinum.
      • There is an Alert system where Digital Extreme's puts out special missions that have credit, blueprints, and mod rewards. You are notified while in game of these alerts but you can also follow the Twitter to find out about them while you're not playing.

      We also have a Dojo (read Guild Hall) where you can buy clan specific weapons, Frames, trade, and a few other things. Here's a big picture of the layout. We should also have a clan icon as soon as we have enough (200) platinum to get one added to the game.

      If you want a bit more guidance, more than the almost non existent tutorials give, or to be invited to the Clan you're more than welcome to contact Awsometod, RastaBanana, Fuzzy, or PandaDew on Steam or in TeamSpeak whenever.

      I'll be waiting for you, Tenno.

      by Published on 04-27-2014 12:17 PM   

      Who loves Soraka? Would you give your life on the fields of justice for this fair maiden?*Tips Fedora* If you think you have what it takes then consider signing up for the SORAKA DEFENSE FORCE (SDF).

      The rules:

      • Each team will consist of one easy Soraka bot and 4 normal players.
      • ALL PLAYERS MUST STAY IN THEIR BASE AND WAIT FOR THEIR TEAMS SORAKA BOT TO GET TO LANE. This is to stop a Soraka from being forced to go to another lane. If a Soraka bot goes to another lane restart the match.
      • The matches will only take place in bot lane. You can base whenever you want (not aram rules), you just cannot leave the lane (jungle, river, etc.).
      • One point for every time a team kills the enemy Soraka bot.
      • Games will end at 10 points.
      • Taking turrets are allowed. If one teams nexus falls the team with the most points will be declared victor. If the Points are the same the game will end in a tie.

      Date: This weekend or next

      Signup(Need 2 more):
      Flesh Gordon
      FuzzyWuzzy(HASN'T POSTED)
      by Published on 04-10-2014 06:54 PM
      Article Preview

      A pledge of $70 or more gets you the game pack, starter set of Company of Thorns figurines and exclusive Kickstarter game content: colors ...

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