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      Thank you everyone for your continued support!

      Remember, every single donation goes toward the monthly cost associated with our servers and community! It's through the continued assistance of our Members, Regulars and guests that we are able to grow and be as persistent as we are, so thank you again to everyone!

      New Regulars
      A special welcome and congratulations to our latest Regs:
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      PLEASE NOTE: As long as you are not denied for behavioral issues, if you are not accepted as a Regular or Member, you can continue to game with us and reapply later on whenever you'd like!

      Miscellaneous News

      If you haven't already, follow us on Twitter @TPGnews and like our Facebook page! You can also subscribe to our Twitch Channel and watch us play a variety of games!

      Social Media
      We now have a Vine, YouTube and Instagram set up for ]TPG[! Make sure to follow us on your favorite social media site, or follow them all!

      Arma3 Exile Server
      With a LOT of time and help from many Regs and Members, our Exile server is now live! Feel free to join us in the server and in TeamSpeak also!

      ]TPG[ Exile Chernarus |RHS|AI/ZombieMissions|Eastcoast|
      - Port 2302

      You can read more about the Exile server here: http://totalpunishmentgaming.com/con...ions-Eastcoast

      ]TPG[ cLANfest 2016
      We are currently beginning the process of planning our next cLANfest for the ]TPG[ Members. If you haven't already replied to Ryn's post in the Members section, please make sure you do so. http://totalpunishmentgaming.com/sho...-cLANfest-2016

      So far it's looking like we'll be camping sometime next year - possibly late July, early August.

      Again, this is Members only, so if you are not a Member, then clicking that link will do nothing for you.

      If you have any news you'd like to have added for July or posted in our future Congratulations and Thanks post for August, PM the details to ]TPG[*Rynaria!
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      REMEMBER: ONLY Regulars and Members are able to participate in Regs Nights! If you want to join in on the fun, you MUST apply to become a Regular and be accepted! If you're not a Reg, you're more than welcome to watch on our Twitch Channel!
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      WE ARE LIVE!

      ]TPG[ Exile Chernarus |RHS|AI/ZombieMissions|Eastcoast|- Port 2302
      Team speak: ts3.totalpunishmentgaming.com

      Total Punishment Gaming is now hosting an Exile server on the beloved Chernarus map
      , along with our immensely popular Arma 3 Wasteland server. We’ve been working hard to optimize Exile on our high performance servers to provide you with a great survival experience. This is a world where you are the hunted and everything, and everyone, is out to kill you.

      For our first two opening weekends, if you start a character tonight or throughout then and next weekend-- 6pm EST opening, when we are launching and going live, you’ll start with 3k poptabs! We plan to have this set to 1k for new players, so come on in! We’ve spent the last two weeks getting this set, built, tested, and ready, and boy is it ready! We will be wiping at 5 and launching fully at 6pm, 10/23/15!

      RHS Vehicles/WeaponsChernarus

      DMS Missions with customized loot and locations.

      FuMS missions with customized loot, locations, and zombie missions.

      Did I mention Zombie Missions?Ambient, wandering AI & Convoys as well as occassionally reinforcements on missions

      Custom trader locations.Added spawn locations/adjusted.

      Vote day/nightActive adult admins

      InfiStar AntihackGroup markers on the map

      No vehicle/scope thermal-- ONLY on laser designator!

      Automated 6hr reboots with warnings.Headless client for your lagfree enjoyment.

      Dedicated hardware with DDoS protection, located in a datacenter that is non-gameserver affiliated.

      Limited armed vehicles (Read below under vehicles!) Raving reviews on this so far.

      Huge community with public teamspeak for you to group up and have a place to hang.

      8yr old+ server community with active, consistent servers, since 2007! We're not going anywhere.

      We are currently using the following mods:
      All In Arma Terrain Pack
      Ryan’s Zombies and Demons
      Mod instructions can be found here: http://totalpunishmentgaming.com/sho...o-Mod-and-Play

      We’ve implemented a headless client to offload much of the mission AI from the server to improve performance. Currently implemented mission systems:

      Along with ambient roaming AI ‘patrols’:

      We’ve worked hard in testing out all of the vehicles from stock A3, Exile, and RHS and in that we’ve removed any armed vics that don’t leave the gunner exposed or are powerful to the point of not being able to destroy them/damage them with small arms/highend machine guns or snipers/rifles. In this way even a bambi with a gun has a chance to come out on top some of the time, though we’ve not gone overboard to the point where armored vehicles have been removed. Quite the contrary in truth, we’ve many RHS humvee’s and large trucks with turrets on them that will soon be seen driving up and along the roads in Chernarus-- some of them even AI controlled! So take cover, hide, or prepare your ambush toward profiting when you sell it toward buying one of your own!

      All of the helo’s have been balanced as well, removing all that have pilot controlled weapons, and rockets/missiles. This means you will need a small crew of gunners if you want to attack from the skies. This may be subject to change at least until we’ve managed to pull the rockets from vehicles like the pawnee.

      Our extremely dedicated admin team is always available to assist players and take action against those who are toxic. All admin actions are logged and reviewed to ensure admin integrity is upheld. Abuse is not tolerated at ]TPG[
      For more information please visit our forums:

      For those of you curious as toward what we mean when we say performance, well..

      Our server is in a DDoS protected facility and exists on dedicated hardware. This isn’t your mom and pop datacenter or box, as we don’t host with a gameserver provider. You can bet your mother that you’ll get good ping and a lag free gaming experience with us, and to top it off, you know you’ll be safe from the abuse of other, less evolved communities, who like to throw admin to everyone they can humanly think of; twelve years old or not. We’re all about the gaming experience here at ]TPG[ and we want you to have a good time, so we can have a good time killing you.

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