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    • TPG Community Nights Christmas Event! (Giveaways!)

      A Christmas Time Event!

      Who: TPG Members, Regs, & friends of TPG are invited.

      What: We will be playing Cards Against Humanity on Table Top Simulator (need a copy? it's $19.99 on Steam, might go down to $9.99 before the 16th if you're lucky.)

      When: December 16th, 2017 @ 7pm EST

      Where: We will be in Discord, chatting as usual while we play, but if you cannot make it, we'd be okay with you watching on Twitch.

      Why: Who doesn't want to have fun with the great TPG community?

      There will be giveaways throughout the night. I have over 20+ games to hand out for this night including Rust, Garry's Mod & Guild Wars 2. If anyone else would like to contribute, message me in Discord.