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    • ]TPG[ Swapping to Discord and Discontinuing TeamSpeak

      ]TPG[ moving to Discord!

      Over the course of the next few days, Total Punishment Gaming will be shutting down our TeamSpeak3 server and will rely on Discord solely for our voice communication needs!

      Discord is free to use and download and you can use a desktop app AND there is also a mobile app.
      You can download Discord at:

      The permanent link for ]TPG['s Discord is: https://discord.gg/j54s2TG

      All of the same rules apply for our Discord as they did for TS3 and they're also linked in our Discord for easy review. Our forums are also remaining active and should still be your first point of communication with us if you need Admin assistance, especially regarding bans.

      Note: If you are a ]TPG[ Member or ]TPG[ Regular, please set your nickname to include the appropriate tag and your username you are known for! This will make assigning Member and Reg roles easier for us and ensure you get the correct permissions.

      If you've never used Discord before, here's a little "how to" post that you might find helpful: