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    • Call to Exile!

      The Exile Server has been up for a couple of days now and we have been getting randoms popping their head in and out. ive been doing everything i can to get players to stay, and i managed to win the hearts of a few here and there. however the weekend is coming up and it will be a good time to get a good amount of new players to look into the server. my goal is to appeal to those who are searching for a decent population.

      If any of you guys who own Arma 3 wouldn't mind check out Exile this weekend, you presence would be much appreciated! Even if your goal it try it out and see if your into it, hopefully just having you on will be able to bring in players who will call our server home. I have been giving out bonuses to players for the first few weeks, so make sure you ask me for it when you get on. You can join the server through the A3Launcher and it will take care of the mods for you. Search either the server IP or the name and we should pop up at the top.

      ]TPG[ TotalPunishmentGaming EXILE (NEW SERVER, GET A FIRST PLAYERS BONUS)|10K START|Revive|Respect Loadouts|CBA|EnhancedMovement|CUP|OCP|NIArmns|RHSU SAF|RHSAFRF|TRYK
      Server IP: